About us

In an attempt to encourage Britain’s African and Caribbean Christian community to become more actively involved in challenging poverty in Africa; African and Caribbean Church leaders joined together and formed the African Development Forum.

The African Development forum is the brain child of Rev Wale Hudson-Roberts. Its motto is ‘We believe in Africa.’ Its vision is to mobilise the African and Caribbean Christian community and wider Diaspora to confront and respond to poverty by challenging unjust structural systems which keep millions of Africans poor. Through educative and advocacy activities ADF challenges Africa’s economic and climate injustice.

The African Development Forum works in collaboration with Christian Aid and through conferences featuring Charles Abugre, David Lammy M.P, Dionne Gravesande, Claire Short, Joel Edwards, Dr Robert Beckford, Dr Joe Aldred, Bishop Wilton Powell, Dr R. David Muir, Tipping Point and others.

ADF has engaged many church leaders on issues surrounding economic justice and climate change.

Our Vision:

To mobilise Britain’s African and Caribbean Christian community to tackle the root causes of poverty and injustice in Africa.

Our Aim:

A movement encouraging African and Caribbean Christians to challenge poverty and injustice in Africa.

Our Mission:

To train and resource churches to speak out for justice in Africa.

Our Values:

  • Economic injustice: work with our partners such as Christian Aid to call on relevant institutions to implement pro poor polices and strategies
  • Climate change: to enable learning on global warming in churches

How do we do this?

  • Organise campaigns with our partners
  • Resource churches through training, conferences, and on line material
  • Speak with and on behalf of the African and Caribbean Diaspora

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